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the touch of your lips

it warms my heart, body, and soul

leaves me craving more

- E

Shall I compare thee

to a summer day? Thou art

as great as the sun.

- E

Where should I go now?

cold lonely desolate blind

I’m lost without you.

The days of which passes by -

Those without you by my side

makes me feel very lonely.


acid minds

acid dreams

clouded thoughts

darkened themes

murky water

in between

none could run

or could have seen

what was to come

what could have been


a fire burns from within

what was a small flame

catches energy with time

it erupts until it overwhelmes

its crispness beckons your response

it’s been too long.

feel the warmth spreading from its embers,

sweeping through your body as if it was a porous sponge

a great force filling every crevice, every void

back and forth, in and out, back and forth

over and over and over

spreading through the expanses, to the very tips of your fingers and toes

and even then it’s not enough

it seeks out the parts of you that exists only in your deepest thoughts

illuminating your darkest secrets

your most forbidden desires

with your help, it unlocks the doors that you keep even from yourself

exposing you to yourself. and it.


when you’ve had your fill

it whispers in your ear its goodbye

and promises to meet again



that slippery, sinking feeling,

when those around you and all that encompasses your life begins to feel out of reach, out of your control

you feel like a minute, insignificant existence to the world

you think, if I were to cease to exist, the world will still continue to go on as it does.

I am but one lonely human standing here on the side of the road, amidst the clattering of women’s heels as they walk by, amidst the vibrations of the gutters filled with residual rain from last night’s storm, amidst the whispering of the artificial urban winds created by the cars as they speed by, driven by individuals too busy with their social agendas and occupational reputations to notice anything worth living for in life

how has life come to be as it is now?

how have I come to be as I am now?

how do I not be like THEM?